Boy, do I love a sale! - Part II

6:40 PM

Remember when I told you guys about Hancock's filing for Chapter 11, around 2 weeks ago? Well, I decided to venture across the county, passing my 2 favorite locations that have been spared and check out the sales. I fought ridiculous amounts of "Good Friday" traffic during my 48 mile round trip and needless to say, it was pretty good. EVERYTHING in the store is on sale. All fabric is 30% off... it doesn't sound like a lot, but when you buy as much fabric and notions at one time as I do, it makes a big difference.

This was one of the first things I saw when I walked in. I felt like a kid at Christmas! Normally, the three Hotpatterns I bought would have cost around $36.00 plus tax, but I got them for $4.78 each... this made me happy! I wasn't really impressed by the other pattern companies -- Vogues were just on sale for 75% off and I got everything I wanted except the new Summer patterns. Didn't need any McCalls... got those too. They were on sale last weekend for $1.99. Didn't need any Butterick's and Simplicity goes on sale for .99¢ on April 13th.

Here is the rest of the loot that I got. I bought around 11 yds. of fabric (matte jersey, stretch denim, a pink/white polka dot rayon for Amber's "Cha Cha" dress, jean button fasteners and twin stretch needle).

As you see, the pink fabric is already cut out... this is for EASTER! So, I'm about to get going on some serious "Project Runway" sewing!

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