2008 -- A Year in Review

12:00 AM

Last year, I set myself a list of goals in sewing that I wanted to complete. Let's take a look and see what I did.

  1. Re-build My Closet -- Start the year off sewing must have items and basics (i.e. black trousers, a black suit with skirt and pants, more white shirts, cute activewear, a fabulous LBD). I think I did a pretty good job with my closet re-build. I'm pretty happy with everything I did. The only thing I really wanted to make was a LBD for daytime and one for After-5.
  2. Purge My Pattern Collection -- Time to get rid of the "what the hell were you thinking" patterns. Ninety-nine cents sales get you everytime. I was so much better this year. I didn't grab every pattern that came out, nor did I hit every sale. There was one this week and I totally bypassed it!
  3. Improve My Tailoring Skills -- Striving for the "perfect" fit is an ongoing battle. Even though fit will be a constant battle, I'm really proud of myself with this. I actually opened the books that I have and used them! I also made a coat!
  4. Make Another CHANEL-Inspired Jacket -- I need one for Spring! I never got around to do this either. Hopefully, I'll get my Spring CHANEL jacket in 2009.
  5. S.W.A.P. -- I may not necessarily enter another contest (that was stressful, but worth it), but I will try to ALWAYS sew with a plan. I completed a mini-S.W.A.P. this year!
  6. Draping -- I've been wanting to learn draping for about a year or so. It's about time I get on that. This is still on my list!
  7. Drafting -- I need to get on this too! I'll be looking for classes or seminars. I didn't get in this the way I wanted to, but hey, I made a start!
  8. Embroidery -- I will MAKE myself use that machine. Didn't do it!
  9. Knitting -- Not sewing, but I will try to make time to add it in. Didn't do it!

Worst of 2008/Least Worn

  • Vogue 8156 - I really enjoyed the process of making these, but I hated the silhouette of these trousers.
  • Simplicity 2923 - This was really a cute dress pattern, but I made a bad fabric choice. This was made in a twill fabric, similar to denim. The dress ended up feeling like cardboard.

Most Worn

  • Vogue 8138 - The shawl cardi has been my go-to wrap since I made it. I'm thinking about making a couple more in different colors.
  • Vogue 1020 - Has been another of my favorite t-shirts since I made it.
  • Vogue 1034 - These have been my most worn jeans since I made them. They've been washed and worn so many times, I'm surprised they haven't fallen apart!

Favorites of 2008

Vogue 8548, Butterick 5249, Self-Drafted Ruffle Pencil Skirt, Homecoming 2008 and McCall's 5745.

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