2009 -- A Year in Review!

2:00 PM

Last year, I set myself a list of goals in sewing that I wanted to complete. Let's take a look and see what I did (and didn't do, LOL)!

1. Keep working on my tailoring skills.

Check! Did that one! See the tailoring here.

2. Make another "CHANEL" jacket... this will hopefully be soon. I already have one in mind!

Sigh... I really thought I would get this one end before the year was over. But alas, no "CHANEL" jacket. I have the fabric, lining and everything... I just haven't had the time. HOPEFULLY, before the end of January.

3. I still plan to learn to drape and draft!

Still didn't get around to doing this. It's going back on the list.

4. Sew more for my family, especially Michael!

I've got to do better! Mikaela was the only one I sewed for this year. I made a pair of shorts and capri pants and her birthday dress.

5. Perfect my welt pockets. They still make me nervous.

I didn't really do many (if any) garments that had welt pockets. This is going to the new year also. I can do welts and bound buttonholes, but just not as well as I would want to.

6. Sew more basics (i.e. t-shirts, white shirts, jeans).

I decided not I'm not going to even bother doing t-shirts UNLESS it's something so fabulous that I would never find in a store. I have fabric now for my white shirt that I never got around to making. But I did make everyone's favorite Jalie jeans!

7. Sew a tailored jacket.

I did do this! I wore my tweed riding jacket last week!

8. Commit to sewing atleast six BWOF garments.

Nope, I didn't do this and I don't feel bad about it either. For me, the prep part of sewing (i.e. laying out, cutting, pinning, alterations, etc...) is the WORSE part. I just can't make myself add to it by having to trace off a BWOF. Who knows... I may change my mind in the new year.

9. Try a Marfy pattern. Even though I rarely read the pattern instructions, it's nice to have them. :)

I didn't get around to doing this either. Again, who knows...

10. Take some advanced/expert/couture level sewing classes.

I wasn't able to do this. Unfortunately, there aren't EVER any classes like this in my area. Only beginner's level sewing classes and quilting classes. As soon as I find one nearby, I'll take it. But until then, there are my books and the internet!

What I made this year!

10 Dresses

Butterick 5277
Vogue 1086
Simplicity 3503
Butterick 5351
Butterick 5352
McCall's 5845
Vogue 1119
Vogue 1151
Vogue 1117
Vogue 1087

1 Skirt
Vogue 8603

5 Tops
Simplicity 2756
McCall's 5852
Simplicity 2554
McCall's 5929

2 Pairs of Pants
Vogue 1040
Vogue 1059

6 Jackets
Simplicity 2812
McCall's 5525
Vogue 1093
McCall's 5815
McCall's 5936
Vogue 8601

1 Coat
McCall's 5766

Favorite Garment of 2009:

McCall's 5766

I love this coat so much! This is the one I've been grabbing all season!

All and all, I had a pretty good sewing year. I love every single thing I made this year!

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