Lace Dress - Part 2

12:25 PM

Progress Report

The Bodice
So far, so good. Some of the instructions kind of made me scratch my head, but after putting the project down for a while and coming back to it and reading them over again, it made sense to me. Once I added the sleeves I've become totally obsessed with trying on every few rows. A couple of things I noticed about the fit: Lily obviously designed this with the shorter woman in mind. I'm 5'10", so I'm making a few alterations to accomadate me and my longer appendages. I'm use to this kind of "height discrimination"... my alterations lady and I have been friends for many, many years! I've just gotten to the point that I wear a lot of jeans now that I can find them in the extra-long lengths - 34" inseam (Thank God for the Gap!), because this sistah has to wear her stilettos!
So, here are the alterations I decided to make on the bodice:
1. The more I looked at the neckline, I decided that I would leave off that yoke part. Once the stitches started to form, the shells made a very lovely scalloped neckline and I think I'm going to go with it. If I change my mind, I can always go back and re-attach the yarn and start back.
2. When I tried it on again, I noticed that my boobs are a lot larger than the model's in the picture. I added 2 rows of dc to the bottom of the bodice. I tried it back on and made a comparison to another empire waisted dress that I own and it hit just where I wanted it to.

Here are the detailed shots of what I've done so far:

Close up of neckline:

Close up of sleeve detail:

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  1. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Wow, it's looking fabulous so far! Great job :)

  2. Being that I'm 5'11" I totally feel your pain! Looks fab so far. :)

  3. Anonymous12:44 AM

    Hey there,

    Good job, I 'm glad you left off the rest of the neckline, it looks much prettier. Sometimes, I think designers use all the yarn they are given, hence unecessary extensions; but, they don't have to.

    As far as the height, Lilly's nicknamed "the Diminutive Diva." SHE'S only about 5'2". Whenever you see something she designs–buy extra yarn to lengthen it.

  4. Girl, it looks great! I really like the changes you made to the neckline--much better. Nice work!

    Thanks for your comment over at my page... it's good to know we're not alone!


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