Butterick 4987 - Ruffle Camisole

7:30 PM

Skirt, Vogue 8425

I had been in search of a top that would give me a similar look like the fabulous Black Halo Cami Dress. I've been in love with this look since last Fall... remember Mandy Moore wore it on the cover of the October Lucky? Cindy did a really cute version also. I thought it was interesting to have a dress that "looked" like a cami and a pencil skirt. I'd prefer to have separates because they provide more options.

Project Details:

Pattern: Butterick 4987, view C
Fabric: 100% Silk

This is my second garment for the Mini-Wardrobe Contest. The envelope *claims* "2 Hour Pattern"... well, it took me a little longer than that. I cut the size 16 (should have cut the 14), made a 1" FBA (my usual) and added 3 inches to the length. I knew I would wear this tucked in and wanted the extra length so it would stay tucked.

As you know, silk is a very fluid fabric. I layed it out on top of some old fabric that I would normally use for muslin for more control while cutting. I used narrow hems and french seams (sorry I didn't get any pics of that... the battery died). I wasn't sure how the ruffle would hang, but after steaming it, that's how it fell. I think this is another overlooked pattern that would make a great wardrobe essential.

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