Weekend Casual!

12:00 AM

Cropped Cargo Pants
very Safari Chic!

Project Details

Pattern: McCall 5393, View B (modified)
Fabric: British Khaki Chino
Notions: 7" zipper; 5/8" button

Description: Pants have fly front zipper, slanted side pockets, flaps, two patch pocket variations, belt carriers, casing, drawstring waist, casing and drawstring lower edges.

I had been thinking that I really needed to add to my casual, casual wardrobe... you know the kind of thing you would wear if you were going to a concert in the park, the lake or on a picnic or cookout. I tragically don't have enough clothing like that and hate turning to athletic wear as my only choice. I did my usual and headed to the mall to get ideas and inspiration. I like to try things on before I take the time to make them. My first stop was to grab a pair of capris with the drawstrings in the lower edge. It was pure comedy how dumpy they made me look. Living in the suburbs, I see way too many women that choose capri pants as their go to casual wear. You know what else I realized? Most of the women wearing them, shouldn't be. It's just something about having pants stop below the calf. On me, they look like I just couldn't find pants in the right length. Ok... next. I then tried on a shorter pair, that hit right below the knee... hmmm... much better. I think the more leg you show, the more flattering the look will be. I knew I had glanced a pattern similar to the style I'd tried, so the search began. I chose this pattern.

In order to the get the look I wanted, I had to shorten view B. I cut off around 6 inches. These pants are constructed like most pants, with the exception of no waistband, only facings. I know they are drawstring pants, but as usual with the Big 4, there was an excessive amount of ease at the waist. I had to take them in about an inch at the CB. I also cut the back facing in half to create a CB seam. After the fact, I realized that I should have just added darts to each side. I'll do that next time if I make another pair. Not that I'm going to use them, but I really like the back pockets and the side pockets. The next modification I made was the casing for the lower edge. The instructions stated when sewing the seam of the outer leg, to leave an open space for the drawstring. I didn't like the look of that. I decided that I would create buttonholes on each side of the seam for the drawstring like on the waistband. Almost forgot... I didn't use the twill tape. I couldn't find any that was exactly the same color and I didn't want any type of contrast. I made fabric ties by cutting bias strips... pretty much the same way you would construct a spaghetti strap.

These are very comfy, casual and I'll probably make another pair.

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  1. I love these pants you made. Is it possible to upcycle old cargo pants into capris with a drawstring pantleg like this? Keep in mind I cannot sew :)

    1. You went back and found an ancient post! Sure, I don't see why that wouldn't work.


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